Plants need access to nitrogen so they can grow strong and healthy. But the reliance on commercial fertilizer is inefficient, costly, and environmentally damaging.

A plant typically absorbs only 30-50% of applied nitrogen. The rest is lost to the environment, often running off into nearby streams and rivers and resulting in water pollution.

Now, there is a better, more sustainable way for farmers to achieve improvements in crop yields without solely relying on commercial fertilizer.

Intrinsyx Bio has developed an effective alternative that can improve nitrogen uptake and increase crop yields, while dramatically reducing fertilizer requirements.

The solution is found in nature, in the form of nitrogen-fixating endophytes that enable plants to fix nitrogen directly from atmosphere.

Nitrogen Fixation

Over every acre of farmland exists about 45 tons of nitrogen in the air — more than enough to grow any crop. The problem: nitrogen in the atmosphere isn’t directly available to most plants. Until now.

Intrinsyx Bio’s collection of natural endophytes has been proven effective at allowing plants to fix nitrogen directly from the air inside the plants. This allows plants, generally speaking, to operate like legumes. Acquire more nitrogen and phosphorus enhances the overall plant health and increases yields. Explore the science behind our endophytes.

Healthier Plants, Higher Yields

Hundreds of independent, third-party greenhouse and field trials have demonstrated consistently impressive results in more than 20 types of plants, including cereals, oilseed, vegetables, permanent crops, forestry, and turf grass. See the results.