JUNO combines two synergistic endophytes that fix nitrogen and increase phosphorus mobilization. These microbes were discovered in nature, living inside of trees growing in nutrient poor conditions.

This unique combination of nitrogen fixing and phosphorus mobilizing microbes improves plant health, yield, and overall crop productivity. Without sufficient phosphorus, plants are limited in their ability to use nitrogen efficiently.

Ease of Use

  • Application flexibility — foliar and in-furrow: JUNO can be used as a foliar or in-furrow application, integrating with existing farming programs to deliver nutrition and mitigate plant stress throughout the field season.
  • Foliar timing flexibility: JUNO can be applied as a foliar during early season, late season, or both. This versatility may allow farmers to make late season decisions based on field conditions and market prices. When possible, earlier application timing is recommended.
  • Product compatibility: JUNO is compatible with standard tank mixes and chemistries (nutrients, herbicides, fungicides, adjuvants, etc.)

Key Crops

  • Corn
  • Small grains
  • Canola
  • Soy
  • Potatoes
  • Cotton
  • Specialty crops (vegetables, nuts, berries)


  • Nitrogen fixation: Fixes nitrogen directly from the air into the plant’s internal tissues, while also increasing nitrogen metabolism and utilization within the plant.
  • Phosphorus use efficiency: Mobilizes insoluble forms of phosphorus.
  • Increases yield potential: Improved nutrient uptake may increase overall plant health and stress tolerance.
  • Root development: Helps plants optimize and establish root systems, which allows the plant to better mine and absorb nutrients from the soil. The endophytes increase production of root exudates for greater uptake of macronutrients and micronutrients important for plant health.
  • Stress tolerance: Helps plants regulate water balance and water use efficiency, as well as salinity and temperature tolerance.

Pack size

Liquid formulation, 2.5 gallons (21 lbs) / 9.46 liters (9.46 kg)

Recommended application timing and rates

Corn V2-V8 VT-R2 16 fl oz/acre
Winter Wheat Greenup – End of Tillering Flag Leaf – Heading 16 fl oz/acre
Spring Wheat Tillering Flag Leaf – Heading 16 fl oz/acre
Potatoes Tuber Initiation Early – Full Bloom 16 fl oz/acre
Soybeans V2-V4 R1-R2 16 fl oz/acre
Canola V2-V6 Green Bud – Flowering 16 fl oz/acre
Cotton V2-V6 First Bloom – Full Bloom 16 fl oz/acre
Tomatoes 30 and 60 days after transplanting 12 fl oz/acre per application
Peppers 30, 60, and 90 days after transplanting 8 fl oz/acre per application
Strawberries 4 weeks after transplanting followed by 7 additional applications 3 weeks apart 4 fl oz/acre per application
JUNO Label
JUNO Product Safety Sheet