Intrinsyx Bio is developing sustainable agriculture solutions using naturally occurring endophytes that improve nutrient uptake, enhance plant health, and increase crop yields while reducing the need for commercial fertilizers.

Our expertise in developing endophyte-based solutions includes:

Endophyte isolation, screening, and testing

Intrinsyx Bio and our research partners use novel techniques to discover and isolate nitrogen-fixing endophytes in natural ecosystems. Through lab, greenhouse, and field testing, we identify the most promising strains for nutrient use efficiency applications in agriculture.

Product formulation and scale up manufacturing

Intrinsyx Bio has developed tailored fermentation recipes and drying techniques, as scalable and cost-effective manufacturing methods for specific endophytes in our collection. This optimizes product quality and the nitrogen fixation activity of the microbes. Our work is assisted by leading contract fermenters and manufacturing partners.

Quality control testing

Intrinsyx Bio has developed proprietary methods to ensure quality control throughout the manufacturing process and lab operations. We ensure product consistency, efficacy, and safety through the use of molecular techniques that detect and quantify microbes. This is done in consultation with independent, third-party labs in the US and Europe. Intrinsyx Bio is also developing methods for in-field detection to confirm endophyte colonization of crop plants.

Endophyte product pipeline

Intrinsyx Bio continues working with partners to commercialize new endophytes isolated from plants growing in extreme environments and specific ecosystems.

  • Synergistic effect in increasing microbial nitrogen fixation activity
  • Phosphorus and potassium use efficiency
  • Biocontrol
  • Salinity and drought tolerance
  • Tolerance to acidic, alkaline, and sodic soils

Research and development

Intrinsyx Bio performs R&D in-house and in partnership with industry leaders to develop new product formulations that offer farmers more ways to deliver endophytes to crop plants.

  • Fertilizer coating
  • Granules and WDG
  • Incorporation into existing agricultural products
  • Biological support packages for endophyte seed treatment and foliar applications