Intrinsyx Bio is a biotech company that partners with the world’s leading global agricultural companies to promote sustainable agriculture through the use of innovative and naturally occurring endophyte-based solutions. The company, based in Sunnyvale, California, was established in 2018.

Rooted in Nature: Dr. Sharon Doty’s Research at the University of Washington

The science behind Intrinsyx Bio begins in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. That’s where you’ll find poplar and willow trees growing along the banks of glacial melt rivers. These resilient trees grow in unusually harsh conditions. The soil is rocky, sandy, and lacks nutrients. Temperatures range from extreme heat to heavy snowfall. The climate includes everything from droughts to floods.

University of Washington Professor Sharon Doty is one of the world’s leading experts on endophytes — the tiny microbes that live inside of plant tissues and play a vital role in plant health and nutrient acquisition. Dr. Doty extensively studied microbes from these trees to understand how they flourished in such harsh conditions.

Her research led to the discovery of a rare collection of endophytes that enable the trees to thrive in this challenging environment. Dr. Doty spent decades researching these endophytes and identifying how their unique properties and benefits — including nutrient use efficiency and abiotic stress tolerance — can be successfully applied to traditional crops to help them grow stronger and faster.

Licensing and Product Development

Intrinsyx Bio has an exclusive license to commercialize these naturally occurring endophytes.

We have continued to test these microbes in the lab and commercial field trials. This research has validated the professor’s findings, proving that the microbes are effective in real-world conditions and can be successfully integrated into modern farming practices.

Today, Intrinsyx Bio is actively developing commercial products that improve nutrient uptake, enhance plant health, and increase yields while reducing the need for synthetic fertilizer. Our products can be applied in multiple ways, including seed treatment, foliar, and in furrow.

Partnerships with Leading Global Agricultural Companies

Intrinsyx Bio works closely with leading global agricultural companies, including Syngenta and SABIC, as well as university researchers and contract research organizations. These partnerships enable us to strengthen our products and expand our reach.

An Ancient Relationship Unlocks Promising Results for Sustainable Agriculture

Plants have always contained endophytes that help them survive in various environments. Through the use of naturally occurring endophytes that enhance nutrient uptake, we are restoring a key plant-microbe partnership that has been lost in the transition from nature to modern farming. Our ability to apply these proprietary endophytes — and the beneficial characteristics that improve plant health — into other plants and crops holds incredible promise for the future of sustainable agriculture.

The Power of Plant-Microbe Partnerships

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