Intrinsyx Bio has a diversified product portfolio of endophytes that includes foliar, in-furrow and seed treatment applications available in freeze-dried, liquid, and granular formulations. Our products have been shown to be effective when applied to more than 20 different crops, including cereals, oilseed, vegetables, permanent crops, forestry, and turf grass.

Our products use proprietary strains of microbes that have been proven to:

  • Increase Crop Yields: Improved nutrient uptake increases overall plant health and stress tolerance
  • Decrease Nitrogen Fertilizer Requirements: Fixes nitrogen directly from the air into the plant’s internal tissues, while also increasing nitrogen metabolism and utilization within the plant.
  • Decrease Phosphorus Fertilizer Requirements: Mobilizes insoluble forms of phosphorus in the soil, while also increasing phosphorus mobility and utilization within the plant.
  • Increase Drought, Flood, and Salt Tolerance: Helps plants regulate water balance and water use efficiency, as well as salinity and temperature tolerance.
  • Enhance Root Development: Helps plants optimize and establish root systems, which allows the plant to better mine and absorb nutrients from the soil. The endophytes increase production of root exudates for greater uptake of macronutrients and micronutrients important for plant health.

What sets Intrinsyx Bio products apart?

  • Nitrogen… and more: While most nitrogen-fixing products in agriculture are only focused on nitrogen, Intrinsyx Bio products have broader benefits. This includes increasing phosphorus mobilization and uptake of other nutrients, as well as abiotic stress tolerance (drought, temperature, salinity).
  • Naturally occurring: We isolate and use naturally occurring endophytes that evolved with plants from the beginning. Intrinsyx Bio seed treatment and foliar products have been certified organic in the UK and will be certified organic in the US and EU in the near future.
  • Shelf stability: While some microbial products have a limited or inconsistent shelf life, Intrinsyx Bio products are shelf stable for distribution through conventional means.
  • Application flexibility: Intrinsyx Bio’s products allow flexibility in crop application. The company has developed liquid and powder seed treatment, foliar, in furrow, as well as granular products.
  • Crop specificity: Current nitrogen fixing products may only work on one crop or a limited number of crops. Intrinsyx Bio’s products work across crop types: cereals, oilseeds, vegetables, permanent crops, turf, ornamentals, trees, hemp crops, and more.