Intrinsyx Bio was recently featured as one of the Top 10 Agri Biotech Solutions Providers in 2023. The following article appeared in Agri Business Review’s December 2023 issue:

Accelerating Sustainable Farming with Innovative Endophyte Solutions
The pursuit of sustainable farming practices has become essential in the face of growing environmental concerns over the excessive use of synthetic fertilizers. While synthetic fertilizers are instrumental in boosting global food production, they can be phytotoxic and lead to decreased crop yield and poor soil health. In addition, synthetic fertilizers result in significant nitrogen losses — nearly half of the nitrogen applied to crops is not absorbed — adversely affecting soil, water, and air quality.

Intrinsyx Bio is at the forefront of efforts to address this challenge. The California-based biotech company has developed -pioneering biological solutions that are rooted in nature. Its innovative approach involves the development and commercialization of naturally occurring endophyte inoculums — beneficial microorganisms that live within plants cells to augment growth and enhance resilience in challenging conditions.

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